The Turkish furniture industry grows every day in the regional and international arena and Özer Çelik becomes an important actor. Regarding the developments of furniture accessories and all the prodution concepts of furniture, our produtcs are used by reputable designer and furniture manufacturers in Turkey and around the world.
Özer Çelik products have been the solution partner of many important projects and meeting point of boutique production. We are stronger with our 10.000 m2 closed production line realized in 2012 in the sector, which we have been serving since 1998, in furniture, table and armchair legs and office equipment in every field of production.
Ozer Çelik, which exports to 40 countries on five continents, aims to double its capacity both in the domestic market and in exports with its 75% export.
Ozer Çelik, which brings innovation to the market with nearly ten new product designs every year, provides better service to all its customers with its new vision from design to R&D in its new factory.